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The Best Highlights for a Trip to Las Vegas

Las Vegas attracts visitors and international tourists in droves every day. The city is brimming with attractions and experiences to savor. Moreover, with rental24h car rental, you will never be out of options as you seek to tour the city at leisure. To offer you a glimpse of what the city has to offer, we have selected a twin set of highlights. They provide an interesting profile of the city’s varied delights: from the frenetic to the intrepid.

1. Las Vegas Strip

If you have heard of Las Vegas but never been there then it is a safe bet that your image of the city features the Strip with its brazenly bold light displays as well as world famous casinos and hotels. The Strip is a stretch of the South Las Vegas Boulevard. Ironically, it actually lies outside the city’s official limits. The glitzy sector includes the Sin City’s arguably most iconic landmarks such as:

– Bellagio Hotel and Casino with its iconic fountains,
– Las Vegas Paris Hotel with its redolent Eiffel Tower,
– MGM Grand
– Caesars Palace
– Luxor Hotel and Casino complete with pyramid and sphinx
– The Venetian’s Grand Canal

While it is conceivably possible to tour the entire strip on foot, you need to wear comfortable shoes to enjoy it in comfort. But there are many other solutions for touring the strip including the monorail and bus.

2. Hoover Dam Tours

Hoover Dam, also known as Lake Mead, is the largest water reservoir in the United States by volume. The dam spans the Colorado Rive and the Black Canyon. The immense concrete structure rises imposingly along the rocky escarpment to provide a sense of awe and inspiration. It provides a veritable alternative for someone who wants to sample something decidedly different from the hustle and bustle of the city of casinos.

A visit to the Hoover Dam is not complete without a stopover at the Visitor Center. Here you will have chance to sample a collection of memorabilia including audio, visual and interactive exhibits telling of the story of the dam’s history. There is even a mini-theater where you can watch a 10-minute film documentary.

Another visitor attraction at the dam are the Winged Figures of the Republic, located just across the yard from the Visitor Center. The bronze statues were created by sculptor Oskar J.W. Hansen. The floor on which the statues stand is made of terrazzo. On it is depicted a celestial map featuring the seals of all the seven states through which the Colorado River traverses.

The highlight of any Hoover Dam visit is however a walk atop the dam itself. From the height you will get to enjoy some of the most panoramic vistas of the lake, river and the canyon beyond. You can either depend on the dam staff for guidance or pick a tour package which includes an independent guide.

To enjoy the best of Las Vegas, it is necessary to go for a varied experience. While the city is well known for indoor delights, there are many outdoor experiences to inspire and awe you. And if you are at a loss on how to begin exploring the city at leisure, the folk at the rental24h car rental will help you get started without a hitch.